Behind the Scenes with Paul Costabile: ICYMI #2

What’s up guys?! It's been a crazy and awesome few months here at iHeartRadio. This summer, we've had some of the biggest and hottest artists in music stop by our headquarters—we've even hit the streets with some of them! In case you missed it, check out our most-viewed (and my personal favorite!) videos from the past few months.

1. Selena Gomez Interview from a Hat

Anytime Selena comes in we know it's going to be a good time. For this video, we thought it would be fun to let her fans do the interviewing…this time from a hat:

2. “Honey I'm Good” Street Challenge with Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer got his start as a street performer playing on the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles. Once his hit song "Honey, I'm Good" broke the Top 10, I thought It was a great idea to bring him back to his roots—this time, in the middle of New York City. Watch as we harass unsuspecting passersby with Andy and one of the most played songs of the year in our "Honey I'm Good Challenge"

3. Demi Lovato Interview from a Sombrero

Continuing in the theme of questions from hats, we one-upped it with Demi Lovato…with our interview from a sombrero:

4. Hailee Steinfield’s On-the-Spot Cover

Hailee Steinfeld is blowing up, so naturally we wanted to get to know her better. During her first visit to our green screen studio, we put her on the spot and asked her to try a cover to the beat of my drum. Here's what happened:

5. The “Nae Nae” Tutorial

The "Nae Nae", a.k.a. the dance that has swept the nation this year, has a lot of moves, all of which I tried to learn from Silentó himself. Try and dance along and hopefully don't butcher the dance as badly as I did:

Ok! There’s more where these came from, so make sure to subscribe and check back for daily videos on our YouTube channel at and follow me @PaulCostabile for more of my daily shenanigans!​​