Behind the Scenes with Paul Costabile: ICYMI

By: Paul Costabile

Here at iHeartRadio, we get the best access to the best artists in music. Over the course of a few years I've been able to take that access and do fun and crazy things with artists without getting arrested, sued or publicly scorned...SO FAR! We make fun videos every week, so in case you haven't seen all of them, I’m going to highlight five of my personal favorites—I figured here on our iHeartRadio blog would be the perfect way for you to catch up! Make sure to subscribe and check back for daily videos on our YouTube channel at and follow me @PaulCostabile for more daily shenanigans!

5. The Pentatonix Mashup Challenge

We wanted to make sure we showcased the incredible vocal talent and skills of this amazing a cappella group by forcing them to sing a whole lotta covers in a row without any preparation. This is (with good reason!) one of our highest viewed videos to date:

4. Lyrics on the Carpet

I think this was about two weeks after Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" came out and it was just gaining momentum. Looking back now, everyone knows the song, but here at the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, we put artists to the test, speaking only Taylor's lyrics.

3. Ed Sheeran Covers "Baby One More Time"

People always ask me who my favorite artist/celebrity is to interview, and while pretty much all of them are great, Ed Sheeran takes the cake as one of the most down for anything, talented and straight up hilarious interviewees (or whatever the word is) I know. The moment I knew he was one of my favorites was when he decided to bust out this fully improvised freestyle—I’ve wanted to start a duo boy band with him ever since.

2. Chris Martin Sings Emotionally About Random Objects

Every time Chris Martin sings, it's an emotional experience. So, I decided to put Chris' sensitivity to the test by asking him to pour his heart and soul into songs about random objects like a shoe, a phone, and, well—I'm hoping these make Coldplay's next album:

1. Crashing the Set: American Idol

This is our newest video series, where I bring you inside of any set, anywhere! This series has already brought me across the country to LA and most recently Virginia with country star Lee Brice (video coming soon!). In this video, I got inside access on the American Idol lot where Ryan Seacrest shared some set-crashing tips and Jennifer Lopez helped me glow, for a second. I think. was really just her:

Don't forget, these are just five random fun clips—there are lots more where these came from. Check'em all out at!​​​​​​