Behind the Scenes with Paul Costabile: ICYMI Summer 2016

By: Paul Costabile

Hey everyone! Lots happening over here at iHeartRadio as we prepare for our upcoming iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas! Every day tons of artists are coming through our HQ for fun in the studio, and as we wrap up summer, thought I’d share some of my favorite moments:

Darren Criss’s Live Street Performance in New York

My favorite thing to do is create music on the spot and Darren Criss may be the best at doing just that — he and I had been itching to do this for years and quite literally hit the streets with a guitar and our crew to make music for strangers all over NYC. Shoutout to my dance partner in the beginning of this clip!

Martin Garrix: Songs in Real Life

Martin Garrix has some of the most recognizable songs to dance and sing along to — but how would they sound in everyday situations? That’s what I wondered, and I found out. Like this:

Jon Bellion’s Live Freestyle Rap

By far the best part of meeting artists is getting to know them and their skills right there on the spot. In that vein, Jon Bellion came in and absolutely crushed this freestyle jam — probably the best rap we've had in studio to date! Oh, and his new album is awesome and you should definitely check it out.

As always, thanks for watching, and make sure to check our new videos every day at and my daily shenanigans everywhere @PaulCostabile.