Check Out Google’s “Your News Update” For Personalized News Stories On Google Assistant Devices — With the Help of iHeartRadio!

iHeartMedia is excited to introduce “Your News Update,” a new offering being released in collaboration with Google and its Google Assistant products. This means that any Google Assistant-enabled phone or smart speaker can deliver its users the news of the day by simply saying, “Hey Google, play me the news.” From there, “Your News Update,” powered by iHeartRadio will deliver a mix of short news stories that are automatically packaged together based on a user’s specific interests, location, user history and preferences as well as the top news stories of the day.

As part of the new integration, iHeartMedia is providing users with some of the latest news stories from our local iHeartRadio news stations across the U.S., including New York’s 710 WOR, Los Angeles’ KFI AM 640, Boston’s WBZ News Radio, Houston’s News Radio 740 KTRH, Atlanta’s Talk 640 WGST as well as news stations in our Chicago, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia markets, with more to come.

Today, audio and other podcast-like formats are a particularly popular, evocative and convenient way to receive the news. So, to meet this rising trend, Google introduced technology that analyzes what’s being said in a given audio file so that it knows what the stories are about, how news stories evolve and how topics link together to deliver personalized newscasts based on a user’s interests. For example, if you’re a Steelers fan who follows the stock market and lives in Chicago, you might hear a story about the latest “L” construction, a recap of last Thursday’s Steelers game and a stock market update in addition to the latest national headlines.

So, if you have a Google Assistant-enabled device, you can try this new feature today. Just update your Assistant news settings and then say those six special words: “Hey Google, play me the news.” And, if you keep listening, the experience extends into longer-form content that dives deeper into your interests. In between stories, the Google Assistant is your smart news host that introduces which publishers and updates are next.

Stay up to date with today’s news — and all of the stories that mean the most to you — with the help of iHeartRadio and Google! Start streaming today.