Listen to iHeartRadio on Google Home Hub!

Listen up—Google’s got a totally new device out, and we’re bringing iHeartRadio to it! Google Home Hub is hitting store shelves on October 22 and we know you can’t wait to get your hands on one.

These new devices are powered by the Google Assistant to operate and support your household just as it does on speakers, but with the added benefit of a touch screen—and iHeartRadio has teamed up with Google to bring music to these devices! With Google Home Hub, users can now ask the Assistant to show photos from Google Photos, get visual answers via Google search and get directions from Google Maps. And, through our collaboration with Google, stream live iHeartRadio stations like KIIS FM and Z100 using a simple voice command. Just start by saying, “Hey, Google” and then request to play your favorite live radio station.

This new device features a stunning 7-inch display, perfect for watching quick how-to videos or visualizing and managing your calendar and to-do list, all while listening to iHeartRadio in the background! Learn more about the new devices, and get excited!