Check Out “What I Wore When,” a New Female and Fashion-Focused Podcast With Glamour!

Are you a superstitious dresser? Do you have a jacket or dress that’s particularly ‘lucky’? Or a pair of shoes that make you feel especially confident? You’re not alone in that: A lot of people choose their outfits based on the somewhat indescribable thoughts and feelings they associate with certain items from their closets.

With this phenomenon in mind, Glamour and iHeartRadio have created a podcast called “What I Wore When” that welcomes actors, writers, musicians, reality stars, cultural critics and other influential women to discuss what they wore during some pivotal moments of their lives — and why it mattered.

What I Wore When” is hosted by Perrie Samotin, a digital director at Glamour, and in this podcast you’ll hear from her and others as they share the poignant, empowering and sometimes hilarious narratives behind a certain outfit at a certain moment in time. Samotin has set out to tell stories that are about the power of style and the brave, bold women who express it.

One episode is with actress Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie Grant on the ABC hit show Scandal, and discusses the Zara pants and Nordstrom pearls that she wore to audition for the show. Her outfit choice was very deliberate, and she even admits that the clothing she wore may have helped change the course of her career. Young and Samotin also discuss Young’s time on Broadway playing a prostitute in the little-known 1997 musical The Life, and her past life emceeing child beauty pageants and holding temp jobs on Wall Street.

Another episode of the show features Erin Andrews, a sideline reporter at ESPN, and is centered around what she wore when she worked her first Stanley Cup playoff game in the early 2000s. Since then, Andrews has become one of the most influential sports reporters in the industry. In the episode, Andrews and Samotin also discuss the aftermath of the unthinkable violation of privacy she faced in 2008, her 2016 cervical cancer diagnosis and her experience with IVF treatments.

Check out these stories and many others today and stream Glamour’sWhat I Wore When” on iHeartRadio!

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