Celebrate True Crime Podcast Week With iHeartRadio!

Is there anything more tantalizing than an unsolved crime? Over here at iHeartRadio, we don’t think so. And, that is why we we are honoring True Crime Podcast Week, and bringing listeners a curated playlist of true crime podcasts to help celebrate!

From the epic downfall of “America’s Favorite Dad” in the L.A. Times’ “Chasing Cosby” to NPR’s “White Lies,” a show that explores the unsolved 1965 death of Reverend James Reeb, iHeartRadio has every kind of  true crime case you might want.

Searching for something that mixes music and true crime? Check out “Disgraceland,” a show that explores the alleged criminal antics and connections of the musicians we love. Hosted by Jake Brennan, this popular podcast recently investigated how the beloved California boy band, The Beach Boys, were connected to the murderous Charles Manson and his 1960s killing spree.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a more recent story, dive into a podcast from the Monsters’ franchise like “Atlanta Monster,” a show that reexamines the story of the Atlanta Child Murders, or “Monster: Zodiac Killer” to hear more about one of the most notorious, unsolved serial killing sprees in American history—the Zodiac killer. Fans can also check out the franchise’s most recent podcast, “Monster: DC Sniper.” Follow along as host and journalist Tony Harris recalls a terrifying time in American history back in 2002, when a sniper took the streets of Baltimore and engaged in a three week-long killing spree. When this nightmare finally ended, the identity of the killer shocked nearly everyone and revealed a story that was considerably more complicated than expected.

If you want to try and solve a case that has yet to be cracked, tune into “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.” This daily podcast takes listeners inside true crime stories and justice-related news. Hosted by famed television journalist Nancy Grace, each of the show’s 45-minute episodes features the experts, police, reporters, witnesses and other major players involved in a case’s investigation.

Whether you’re heading out on a long road trip or just need something to get through your daily commute, iHeartRadio has all of the bingeable true crime podcasts you need! Ready, set, start listening—and have a great True Crime Podcast Week!​​

True Crime Podcast Playlist​​​​​​