Comcast’s New Audio-Visual Experience, Ambient Moods, Is Exclusively Powered by iHeartRadio!

Get ready for some upbeat fun or rest and relaxation with the help of Comcast’s new audio-visual experience, Ambient Moods. Beginning today, Xfinity customers will now be able to access this cool new feature that combines beautiful images with music from iHeartRadio to match your exact mood.

Users can choose from a number of mood collections, from “Doing Chores” and “Wake Up And Shine” to “Studying Beats” and “Creative Freedom.” The mood collections will be accompanied by a variety of beautiful images such as tropical coastlines, starry night skies, white sand beaches and more. Just select the mood to match your vibe, sit back and take in the audio-visual experience.

With Ambient Moods, X1 offers users an audio-visual experience to take their at-home entertainment to the next level!