Discover Great Podcasts With Our New Podcast Recommendation Engine!

Calling all podcast fanatics! Did you just tear through a show and wonder what you’d listen to next? Well, good news – we just launched the ultimate tool to help you find new podcasts you’ll love. Introduced for iOS users this week, our “podcast recommendation engine” makes personalized recommendations just for you! By comparing your tastes with those of other podcast fans, we can recommend shows we know you’ll enjoy based on what others with similar interests listen to.

Using machine learning technology, the podcast recommendation engine provides suggestions that are more personalized than ever before. If you’re already a huge podcast fan, we’ll use your past listening preferences to help inform our recommendations for new shows. And if you’re just a budding podcast listener, never fear! Our system also uses your music preferences – favorite stations, liked songs and more – to help you discover podcasts you’ll be excited about.

The podcast recommendation engine is now live on the iHeart app, so check it out and get ready to find your new podcast obsession!