iHeartRadio’s New Podcast “Parklandia” Takes Listeners on a Cross-Country Road Trip to Visit America’s National Parks!

Do you have dreams of leaving your job, home and life behind and hitting the open road for a little adventure? Do you crave the thrill of an everlasting roadtrip? One married couple did just that, and they documented their experience for iHeartRadio’s brand new podcast, “Parklandia!

The couple, named Brad and Matt Kirouac, packed up everything from their home in Chicago, Illinois and bought an RV. They moved their lives into the mobile home and took off to travel across the country full-time. On this trip, Brad and Matt had just one goal in mind: to visit as many national parks as possible along the way.

With every stop, Brad and Matt Kirouac immerse themselves, their listeners and their dog Finn into all that larger-than-life landscapes have to offer! Throughout the podcast, they describe the beauty of the parks as well as their discoveries about what makes each so special. From the intimidating wildlife of the Everglades to the cinematic lore of Redwood’s forests, “Parklandia” explores the beauty of our country’s national parks, life on the open road and what it’s really like to live in an RV full-time.

Stream the trailer of “Parklandia” now on iHeartRadio to grab a sneak peek of what this adventurous podcast is all about!