Godzilla’s On the “Stuff You Missed In History Class” Podcast—Check It Out Today!

You’ve probably heard of Godzilla but do you really know the story behind the iconic beast? In its first ever branded episode in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, the hit podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class” has created an episode that dives into the historical perspective of the legend of Godzilla, exploring how this iconic story came about during WWII and became mainstream.

The episode, which dropped yesterday, just in time for the new Godzilla movie arriving in theatres on May 31, has been developed in full collaboration with Warner Bros. As part of the takeover, the episode features the movie’s director, Michael Dougherty, straight from Tokyo as a guest. Dougherty is peeling back the curtain about his vision for the new film, highlighting how Ishirō Honda’s goal for the original movie was to warn of the dangers of nuclear testing and man's relationship with nature. It’s fascinating stuff!

So, want to impress your friends when you go see the new film together? Listen to the episode now and get ready to hit them with a truth bomb about what Godzilla really represents. Check it out below!

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