Celebrities Talk Defying The Odds In iHeartRadio’s Label Defiers podcast with ZICO Coconut Water

Today, we’re amped to bring you our newest podcast, iHeartRadio’s Label Defiers with ZICO Coconut Water. Hosted by Elvis Duran of the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, we are kicking off our debut episode today with the incomparable Miley Cyrus!

The new podcast encourages you to naturally be who you are and to rip off the labels that people put on you. Publishing biweekly, iHeartRadio’s Label Defiers with ZICO Coconut Water explores artists’ journeys and gives them the space to talk about the challenges they’ve conquered to get where they are. With the show’s raw and unfiltered style, listeners will get to know the real stars rather than the familiar labels they’ve acquired through fame. The revealing episodes run around 20-30 minutes, staying fresh and engaging with a playful questioning format.

Miley Cyrus was the first to join us for a personal chat with Elvis Duran and we couldn’t think of a better celebrity to start off with! Cyrus grew up in the public eye and has dealt with her fair share of controversies, but she always comes out on top. Miley is always herself and we were honored to get one-on-one time with one of our favorite candid popstars. We loved listening to this first episode, and we know you will too!

With Label Defiers, not only do listeners have the special opportunity to hear from their favorite celebrities unvarnished, but they get to hear about how the stars perceive their own labels. The famous guests will explicitly address their reputations, discussing their feelings and reactions about the public perception of them. We’re overjoyed to be part of such an intimate series, along with our friends at ZICO - who are firm believers that What’s Inside is Everything. Check it out here, on iHeartRadio!

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