Dive Into the Untold Tales of Famous Royalty With “Noble Blood"

The world is filled with ill-fated love affairs, bad decisions and family drama. But for monarchs, these personal mistakes don’t stay private. They determine the fate of nations. In fact, if you’re wearing a crown, mistakes usually mean bloodshed. “Noble Blood” is a new podcast from iHeartRadio that explores some of history’s most fascinating royals. From the tyrants to the murderers to the tragically misunderstood, “Noble Blood” delivers untold stories of monarchs you already know and love.

Learn about the forgotten or misremembered moments leading up to Marie Antoinette’s death, or hear the unbelievable story of the cockney butcher who convinced the world that he might be a long-missing baronet. The podcasts’s host is Dana Schwartz, a popular entertainment writer for publications like Entertainment Weekly and Marie Claire and has a book on the way, titled The White Man’s Guide to White Male Writers of the Western Canon. Schwartz is your guide to stories of the murderers, the murdered, the liars, the truth tellers and many more thrilling tales of the past! 

Join Schwartz on an exploration of misunderstood, salacious and sneaky monarchs of the past and how some of their mistakes affected their lives and the fates of nations. “Noble Blood” premieres today, so head over to iHeartRadio and start streaming!

Noble Blood​​​​​​​​​​​​​