“Monster: The Zodiac Killer” Trailer Is Finally Here!

Get ready, true crime fans! The team that brought you the widely popular podcast Atlanta Monster is back to shed light on another notorious criminal—The Zodiac Killer.

In Monster: The Zodiac Killer, the much anticipated 15-episode follow-up season to Tenderfoot TV’s and HowStuffWorks hit true-crime podcast Atlanta Monster, Payne Lindsey (Tenderfoot TV co-founder and Atlanta Monster host) and Matt Frederick (Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know host and narrator and executive producer of the new season) lead listeners through the horrific murders and communal terror that unfolded in four Northern California communities between December 1968 and October 1969, and what we know about the unknown “monster” behind them. Throughout each episode, Lindsey and Frederick analyze each fact of the case as they interview investigators, journalists and family members of the victims.

When the notorious killer went about his gruesome work, he regularly mocked the police and the public by sending taunting, boastful, threatening letters containing confusing cryptograms to the Bay Area newspapers. Throughout the exhaustive search, there were 2,500 Zodiac suspects, yet none strong enough to make an arrest, making this one of history's biggest, heinous unsolved crimes.

Don’t forget to set a calendar reminder for the premiere of Monster: The Zodiac Killer. The iHeartRadio Original podcast will debut exclusively on iHeartMedia News/Talk broadcast radio stations around the U.S. on January 2 at 7 p.m. local time. The first two episodes will then be available online across the iHeartPodcast Network and everywhere podcasts are heard on January 3. To gear up for the premiere, take a listen to the official trailer!

Monster: The Zodiac Killer​​​​​​​