Rediscover History With iHeart’s New Podcast, “Ephemeral”!

Discover the secrets buried in our past with our new, thought-provoking podcast, “Ephemeral.” This eerie yet fascinating podcast takes listeners into the deep end of all things ephemeral, or anything our world has lost, dropped or forgotten—you’ll be hooked from the start!

“Ephemeral” host Alex Williams guides you through a sonic journey of discovery to find the history lessons that books don’t mention. Through conversations with anthropologists and researchers, explore the forgotten albums, audio clips, photographs and objects of the past. Listen in on a lost speech from Sigmund Freud, learn more about the disappearing films from early Hollywood actress Florence Lawrence, or break down newscasts from reporters in the moments after Malcolm X was shot.

Are you ready to go on a trip through time with “Ephemeral”? Listen in on the iHeartPodcast Network and start finding more of our world’s forgotten stories!

Ephemeral Podcast​​​​​​​​​​​