Introducing The Daily Dive, iHeartRadio’s New Podcast Featuring News YOU Want to Hear

Listen up, iHeartRadio fans. We’re excited to introduce you to The Daily Dive, our new daily news podcast featuring stories and trends that are interesting and relevant to you, our listeners. You can hear a new episode each weekday beginning at 6 a.m. ET as the show takes a deeper look into the top news topics happening now. The podcast runs approximately 15 minutes in length, and is available for streaming or download via iHeartRadio and other podcast platforms.

The Daily Dive is hosted by Oscar Ramirez, a producer, writer and editor for iHeartMedia in Los Angeles. Oscar has an extensive career on the business and production side of radio, and we are excited for his hosting debut! As host, Oscar will dive deeply into the biggest topics of the day, uncover new narratives to follow and provide alternative angles on what daily news means for our listeners.  


Listen to today’s episode below, and follow The Daily Dive for the latest: