iHeartRadio Welcomes HowStuffWorks to the Family

Podcast lovers, we’ve got a huge announcement for you! We’re acquiring Stuff Media, a leading publisher of entertaining and informative podcast content, which includes the HowStuffWorks podcasting business and slate of premium podcast content. We’ve made delivering your favorite podcasts and introducing original podcast programming a priority over the past year, with new shows like Sleuth, Spit, Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran and more, as well as implementing our “Podcast, Meet Broadcast” initiative to introduce podcasts to our listeners across the country on broadcast radio stations. This latest addition will further expand our podcasting program, solidifying iHeartRadio as the number one commercial podcast publisher globally and second-largest podcast publisher in the industry overall, second only to NPR .

HowStuffWorks was one of the first companies to bring podcasting to a mainstream audience with its informative, easy-to-understand explanations of how the world works. Its “Stuff” franchises have attracted a dedicated following for more than a decade, with signature podcast Stuff You Should Know surpassing 500 million downloads this year- the first podcast ever to surpass half a billion.

Atlanta Monster, a HowStuffWorks and Tenderfoot TV original true crime podcast, which iHeartMedia recently acquired, maintained the number one spot on Apple Podcasts for four straight weeks. Now, with season two in the works, we’re excited to make this hit our own—hear the first episode of Monster: The Zodiac Killer exclusively on the airwaves in January, and look out for more breakthrough updates as we continue to leverage this new relationship.

Until then, check out some Stuff You Should Know below.

Stuff You Should Know​​​​​​​​