Podcast Spotlight: “Committed” Is Back For Another Season of Inspiring Relationship Stories!

Travel editor Jo Piazza traveled around the world to five continents to interview hundreds of men and women about marriage, what it means and what it should mean—and put it all in a best-selling book called How To Be Married and a podcast—“Committed!” Now the hit podcast is back for a second season, and Piazza is ready to teach listeners some of the most valuable lessons on love.

Love isn’t always patient and kind—sometimes it’s actually quite messy. And sometimes love is wonderful and confusing and magical and infuriating—often in the same day. In season two, Piazza introduces us to couples who know this all too well. There’s one couple that was forced to separate after 33 years of marriage so that the wife could afford life-saving health insurance, while another couple was on their way to a babymoon in Hawaii when the husband suffered a life-threatening stroke on a plane, and so many other fascinating stories as well.

Whether you're married, divorced, single or celibate, these stories will renew your faith in love and in other human beings. Season 2 of “Committed” starts on April 11, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday. Check out the trailer below and get hooked.