Think Like a Business Mogul With “The Brink,” a New iHeartRadio Podcast!

All business leaders know they might one day have to make a company-altering decision—will you be ready? Prepare for the definitive moment that could determine whether you succeed or fail with The Brink, a new iHeartRadio podcast!

Join hosts Jonathan Stickland and Ariel Kristen Kasten as the two leverage their business experience to provide you with advice for making some of the toughest business decisions you’ll face, delivered through smart and witty conversation.

Strickland has been a professional podcaster since 2008, writing and researching for his shows for more than a decade as host of the popular HowStuffWorks podcast, TechStuff. And here’s a fun fact: Strickland also loves to tell the stories behind the names and logos we all know, adding valuable context to some of today’s most popular brands.

Kasten, meanwhile, is a professional actor, podcaster, administrative goddess, and life-long learner. With a background in professional development, she has a passion for diving into the intricacies of how different businesses work and how they can work better.

Follow their new podcast and get to know these brilliant business minds—you’ll be glad you did the next time you find yourself on The Brink.

The Brink​​​​​​​​​​​​​​