Podcast Spotlight: Nothing Stays Hidden For Long on “Family Secrets”

Best-selling author Dani Shapiro invites listeners to join her on a personal journey to discover what has empowered her to write her instant New York Times bestselling memoir, INHERITANCE. In her first-ever podcast, "Family Secrets" premiering today on iHeartRadio, Shapiro shares with listeners her honest experience and perspective after finding out a life-altering secret her parents had kept from her. The shocking discovery propelled Shapiro into a journalistic and personal journey that largely shaped her book INHERITANCE, and is the driving force behind her new podcast.

Shapiro isn’t the only one with secrets. After opening up about her past in INHERITANCE, her fans and listeners began sharing their stories, too. Now, the "Family Secrets" podcast is a collection of stories covering everything from paternity, identity, crime, addiction and abuse, to neglect, shame and guilt—allowing others to have a platform to liberate themselves from the power that a family secret can hold over them.

The 10-part series debuts today with three episodes on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are available. New episodes will air weekly each Thursday. In addition, "Family Secrets" will also debut the first two episodes on iHeartMedia broadcast radio stations around the U.S. on February 20. Tune in!


Family Secret Podcast​​​​​​​​