Station of the Week: Back to School Edition

As we approach the end of August, it’s time to wind down from the carefree craziness of summer and start getting serious. While some of us head back to school, others are preparing for the post-Labor Day rush, and still others are taking the turning of the leaves as a trigger to embark on something new: an online class, a new workout regimen, or even some pre-emptive budgeting for winter holiday travel.

To help with the transition from tank tops and barbeques to textbooks and 6 a.m. alarms, we here at iHeartRadio have put together some Back to School stations perfect for every subject of your life. Our “class schedule” of stations includes:

  • Math: The iHeartRadio Countdown. Even the most math-resistant of us can agree that counting down the top hits of today is a reminder that math can be fun after all!

  • Physical Education: Spin Cycle. Nothing gets you pumped up to sweat like Spin Cycle, bringing you a steady playlist of remixed bangers.

  • History: History of Rap. History is way more than just a bunch of dead guys wearing chalked wigs. Tune in to History of Rap to get educated on the best beatmasters from MC Hammer to Lil Wayne.

  • Lunch: Punk Tacos Radio. Nothing ups your lunch game quite like a soundtrack full of authority-refuting punk. Take a bite out of capitalism and your PB&J at the same time.

  • Geography: iHeartCountry Radio. Listening to iHeartCountry Radio can transport you to a land of pickup trucks and county fairs: and what better way to explore the geography of America?

Check out your full class schedule here!