Station of the Week: Lady Gaga Radio

Hey there Little Monsters! Lady Gaga is back and better than ever with her fifth studio album, Joanne. On this latest release, Gaga offers us a selection of stripped-down soft rock and dance-pop tracks that stand as some of her most personal, autobiographical music yet.

As always, iHeartRadio is celebrating this huge moment for Lady Gaga the best way we know how— with nonstop Gaga tracks on Lady Gaga Radio. If you haven’t already, you can tune in to Gaga’s latest releases, “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons.” And don’t worry, you can still listen to all of those classic Gaga tracks like “Bad Romance,” and “Born This Way,” as well as a ton of your other favorite pop acts!

iHeartRadio is so pumped about Lady Gaga’s music and her latest release that we decided to surprise a superfan with a private meet-and-greet with Gaga herself at iHeartRadio HQ — you can check out the tear-jerking video below.


Whether you’re a longtime Little Monster, or a newer Gaga fan, listen in to iHeartRadio’s Lady Gaga Radio today!​​​​​​​​​