A Tribute to Glenn Frey

Every great rock band needs a great guitarist, and for The Eagles, one of the world’s all-time best bands, that person was the talented Glenn Frey. Throughout his glorious career, Glenn was known for bringing crowds to their feet and sweet guitar strumming to speakers worldwide with his great energy and charisma. This week, we were sad to hear that the musical great passed away age 67, but we’re happy that he will live on forever though the music and legacy he has left behind, which included garnering five No. 1 singles, six Grammy Awards and six No. 1 albums as a member of The Eagles. To remember the late artist, the iHeartRadio Glenn Frey tribute station features his biggest solo songs and hits with The Eagles, including “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Hotel California”. Additionally, iHeartRadio fans can hear Glenn in his own words talk about his career with stories about some of his songwriting experience and favorite performances.

Here are a few reflections by Glenn on his experiences as a member of Eagles:

On “New Kid in Town”: [This was the] best vocal arrangement the Eagles ever did; we won a Grammy for Best Vocal Arrangement that year. There’s really some nice changes in the modulation. It’s my favorite Eagles record that I sang.

On Bob Seger’s encouragement: I was playing in a copy band in Michigan and I was befriended by Bob Seger who was a couple years older than I was. We were driving around on Woodward Ave in his car one night when The Cowsills came on the radio and I reached for the knob to turn the radio down and Bob said “No no, let’s listen to it. Let’s hear why they’re on the radio and we’re not.” After we listened to the song he says, “You know, Glenn, you gotta write your own songs.”

On “Take It Easy”: The quintessential Eagles song, written by Jackson Browne with the help of a couple lines from yours truly. This was the first song anybody heard by The Eagles and it sort of established an image for us over the summer California image and the song still holds up.

On “One of These Nights”: [This] is personally one of my favorite records that the Eagles ever made. I thought it was an interesting combination of Philadelphia kind of chords but yet with fuzz guitar...so it was kind of an electric R&B song. It’s one of my personal favorites, especially the high vocals that Randy Meisner did at the end.