In “An Animal Saved My Life,” A Podcast From iHeartRadio And The Dodo, Hear the Unbelievable Stories Of People Who Were Saved By Animals!

For most pet-owners, their animals are an everlasting source of joy, comfort and friendship. But even when we don’t own them as pets, animals can have a special bond with humans. This natural but powerful connection is what’s being explored in iHeartRadio’s new podcast, “An Animal Saved My Life.” Produced in partnership with The Dodo, an American media brand focused on telling animals stories and animal rights issues, this show shares unbelievable stories from people from around the world who have had their lives saved by an animal.

In “An Animal Saved My Life,” host Rocky Kanaka listens to some truly amazing tales of how animals have helped humans get out of some tricky, sometimes even life-threatening situations. Listen with Kanaka to hear the story of a dog who pulled his owner off train tracks and another about a pack of lions who saved a young girl from kidnappers. Kanaka, the podcast’s host, is the creator and Emmy-nominated host of the CW’s Save Our Shelter, a television series that renovates animal shelters in need. He’s also the father to multiple rescue dogs and founder of The Dog Bakery, a bake shop for dog treats and cakes.

The first episode of the podcast, titled “Clove the Pitbull & PJ,” tells the story of PJ, a recovering addict who was struggling to find housing and a stable job when he rescued a scared, shut-off pit bull named Clove. Soon, PJ and Clove’s lives changed for the better: Through their friendship and mutual passion for extreme hiking, this duo found a way to fall in love with the world again.

Check out the first episode of this new, inspiring show today on iHeartRadio!

An Animal Saved My Life Podcast​​​​​​​