Check Out “Solve,” A New Interactive True Crime Podcast Where the Audience Is the Detective!

If you’ve already listened to every true crime podcast you could find, lost hours to subReddits on the Golden State and Zodiac Killer and watched so many TV shows about serial killers that you’re sure you could be a detective, you’re probably looking for something new to satiate your desire to solve crimes. Look no further: iHeartRadio is excited to bring its listeners “Solve,” an interactive murder-mystery podcast that puts you at the center of the investigation.

Each episode of “Solve” assigns you (the listener) with a new case that’s based on real true crimes. From there, the story unfolds and you’ll have to use your detective skills to solve the case. You’ll interrogate suspects, piece together evidence and scour distinct crime scenes to track down murderers that might be hiding in plain sight. Each episode of the show gives listeners the chance to prove how smart they are: can you piece together the clues and catch the killer? There’s only one way to find out.

Solve” is hosted by Courtney Falsey and Mike McNeal, two Los Angeles-based actors and writers at Solve HQ. Currently, Falsey is in post production on a sci-fi short film titled A Place Between, which she both co-wrote and acted in, and McNeal is lead writer at Solve HQ and specializes in digital interactive content.

Before you start listening, be sure to follow the show’s Snapchat and Instagram accounts. “Solve” uses them for the show’s interactive components, and you’ll need to check on them regularly in order to crack the case.

Check out the first episode of “Solve” today on iHeartRadio—so go start streaming and solve the case!