Artist of the Week: J Balvin & Bad Bunny

J Balvin and Bad Bunny emerged today with a brand new collaborative album, OASIS, and it’s sure to be bumping through our speakers all summer long! These two reggaeton and Latin pop music giants have been teasing the album since September 2018, so it’s safe to say that fans everywhere are stoked to finally hear the project!

J Balvin teased at the possibility of the new album on Instagram this week when he posted a picture of two golden necklaces with bunny pendants dangling from them. But this wasn’t the only time fans started speculating about OASIS. During the outro to Jhay Cortez’sNo Me Conoce” remix, which features both J Balvin and Bad Bunny, the two can be heard saying “Oasis team” and “Oasis, Oasis.”

This collaboration highlights the musical strengths of both artists. Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer, brings the engaging and sometimes emotional lyrics that are always paired with a fun dance beat! J Balvin, meanwhile, is a Colombian reggaeton and Latin pop artist whose musical abilities and production style can turn any song into an instant hit. The summer just got a little more fun now that this collaboration is finally in the hands of J Balvin and Bad Bunny fans!

You can stream OASIS now on iHeartRadio, or check out iHeartLatino’s World Premiere of their new song, “Que Pretendes” today!

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