Artist of the Week: Janelle Monae

It’s been almost five years since Janelle Monae’s last album, The Electric Lady, and we’re ready for new music from the talented artist! The past few years haven’t exactly been downtime for Monae who had major roles in 2016 films Hidden Figures and Moonlight, but she’s back to writing and recording as she prepares to release her third studio album, Dirty Computer, in April!

This year is all about freedom and fearlessness for Monae, and it’s evident in her music! Just a few weeks ago, she released two singles, “Django Jane” and “Make Me Feel,” along with their corresponding music videos, and we can tell she’s having fun performing these tracks! The lyrics are provocative, the music is captivating and we can’t get enough!

Bringing unity through music is important to Monae, as is lifting up women that have been silenced and are suffering—with her upcoming album, she hopes to inspire her fans to find their voices. Listen in to our exclusive interview with Monae below, and find out more about her inspiration for “Make Me Feel,” and the rest of the songs on her upcoming record. Then, head over to iHeartRadio to hear her other hits! Happy listening!

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