“The Bob Lefsetz Podcast” Is Now on iHeartRadio!

Do you want to know how the music industry really works? Or learn how to make it big when you’ve got a one-in-a-million chance? Then you’re going to love “The Bob Lefsetz Podcast,” which is now on the iHeartPodcast network!

In this entertaining podcast, certified music industry guru Bob Lefsetz, known for his widely consulted "Lefsetz Letter," shares expert advice and commentary drawn from his years of hanging out backstage at prominent music summits and chatting with iconic music executives and producers.

“The Bob Lefsetz Podcast” dives into every aspect of the industry. Lefsetz dissects the latest headlines, providing interesting commentary as well as interviews with well-known musical acts, promoters, agents, publishers and more. He will also explore what attributes allowed prominent industry figures to rise to the top, because there are no accidents in the music biz and it's uber hard to make it.

With Lefsetz’ knowledge, wit and tendency to take controversial stands, it’s a riveting show!  

Check out “The Bob Lefsetz Podcast” on iHeartRadio now, and tune in for new episodes every Thursday!

The Bob Lefsetz Podcast​​​​​​