Group Nine Media and iHeartMedia Are Teaming Up to Bring Brand New Podcasts to the iHeartPodcast Network!

Group Nine Media and iHeartMedia announced today their new collaboration! They are releasing an exclusive slate of portfolio-wide, co-produced podcasts that are soon joining the iHeartPodcast Network. Group Nine Media, the number one publisher on mobile, is debuting at least one podcast from each of their four brands including NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker and Thrillist as well as one from JASH, which is part of the media company’s LA-based Studios team.

This Group Nine Media and iHeartMedia partnership will kick off this fall with two new original podcasts from NowThis and Thrillist.

The new podcast from NowThis is called “Who Is?” and it takes a deep dive into today’s political landscape. It explores a myriad of topics from the backstories of America’s most powerful people from top leaders in Washington and President Trump’s inner circle to the field of presidential hopefuls and major political donors. The host of “Who Is?” is Sean Morrow, a NowThis correspondent, and in each episode he digs into a different political character with a complicated history and tries to examine their story and connections to other players.

Thrillist’s new podcast is called “Re-Rank (WT).” Hosted by Thrillist writer and producer Wil Fulton, the series takes one iconic Thrillist list on food, drink, travel or entertainment and sets it up for discussion with its editors and writers. In these conversations, Fulton asks the writers to detail their process, reveal how the rankings were made and sometimes even defend their choices. In each episode, “Re-Rank (WT)” will explore and try to define what is the "best" in the topic at hand, debate the findings and touch on relevant topics in the Thrillist zeitgeist!

Are you excited for these Group Nine and iHeartRadio podcasts? This new slate of podcasts will be available on iHeartRadio this coming fall, so look for them soon!