Check out iHeartRadio on Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and Google Pixel Buds!

Ok Google, play KTU. Ok Google, skip this. Ok Google, turn up the volume!

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to Google anytime, anywhere? With the new Google Assistant-enabled Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and Google Pixel Buds, you can! The best part? You can listen to iHeartRadio on all of them, accessing live radio stations with simple voice commands.

Wait, back it up. What’s the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max? These newest additions to the Google Home family are powered by the Google Assistant. The Mini is designed small and mighty to fit in any room. It can do all the things you’ve come to depend on from Google Home: getting things done, making calls, and yes - enjoying entertainment like iHeartRadio. Google Home Mini has surprisingly clear sound, and can project 360-degree sound with just one speaker. Google Home Max, shipping in December, is a stereo speaker that dynamically adapts to any environment, room configuration and ambient noise to produce the optimum sound experience at all times.

And, the Google Pixel Buds are premium wireless headphones that provide you with high-quality bluetooth audio and are optimized for the Google Assistant. They come with a charging case for secure storage and charging on the go. Now, controlling music has never been simpler.A tap, a swipe and even a voice command gives users instant playback control of iHeartRadio right from their earbuds.

With our iHeartRadio integration, you can bump all your favorite tunes on these devices. Simply log into iHeartRadio on your iPhone or Android device and connect to your Google Home Mini or Google Pixel Buds. Then, you can talk to the Google Assistant to request live radio stations, without ever unlocking your phone. You can also be your own personal DJ, controlling playback on your headphones using simple commands like “play,” “stop,” and “skip.”

Ok Google, let’s get started. Check out iHeartRadio on the new Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and Google Pixel Buds today!