Check Out The Third Season of “Tumanbay”— Now Available on iHeartRadio!

Tumanbay” is a historical fantasy podcast like no other. Inspired by the Mamluk slave dynasty of Egypt, the podcast is named after the fictional city in which its story takes place. Over the past two seasons of the podcast, this city has been threatened by political unrest and supernatural forces and, as the show enters its third season, fans are bracing themselves for all the intrigue and drama that surely lies ahead.

In season three, listeners find the city in a state of recovery after a brutal occupation by foreign troops. Manel, the daughter of Tumanbay’s former and greatest commander, now sits on the city’s throne. Her chief advisor and lover is Alkin, a mysterious traveler who she once tried to kill. Manel’s cousin, Gregor, is the acting commander of the Palace Guard and he remains convinced that the city’s invaders still remain a threat.

This season of the show is written by Mac Rogers, Mike Walker, and John Scott Dryden, and they recommend bingeing the first two seasons (which are also now available on iHeartRadio) before diving into the new one.

Explore the fantastical world and intricate characters of “Tumanbay” today on iHeartRadio!