Check Out Your Favorite NPR Podcasts on iHeartRadio!

Over the past year we’ve seen a 60% uptick in iHeartRadio’s podcast listening - with no signs of slowing down - showing us that you really enjoy fun and engaging shows. That’s why we’re so excited to share that more than 30 of your favorite NPR podcasts are now available on iHeartRadio! That means you’ll be able to listen to shows like Up First, Fresh Air, Invisibilia, Planet Money, How I Built This and more, across multiple platforms 24/7, wherever you are, including in your connected home and car, via mobile devices, on wearables and more.

These are just the latest additions to our podcast catalog, which join our popular iHeartRadio originals including Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous, Thrive Global podcast, Label Defiers and more - not to mention the slate of new podcasts we just announced at the IAB Podcast Upfront. In total, we now have more than 9,000 podcasts across 19 different categories, from business and sports to science and entertainment. So grab your earbuds and dig in!

Don’t forget to follow your favorite podcasts on iHeartRadio and share them with your friends - happy listening!