Embrace Your Animal Spirit With "Creature Feature," a New iHeartRadio Podcast!

Ever wonder why your dog barks when you leave the house? Or why birds sit together in groups on lamp posts? There are a lot of interesting links between animal behavior and human psychology, and Katie Goldin, host of the new Creature Feature podcast, is ready to tell you all about them.

A writer, comedian, and the creator of @ProBirdRights, an avian-themed satirical Twitter account, Goldin has studied both psychology and evolutionary biology and is a self-proclaimed “huge dork” when it comes to animals. On her hilarious new podcast, Goldin invites guest comedians to put themselves into the mindset of creatures, in order to give listeners an in-depth look at the natural world through the lens of funny similarities between animals and humans.

Get ready for the funniest lesson in evolutionary biology that you’ve ever had. Check out the Creature Feature trailer below, and catch the first episode debuting on October 31.


Creature Feature​​​​​​​​