“The End of the World” Is Coming to iHeartRadio!

Get ready to face the “End of the World” with fan-favorite host Josh Clark! On his new podcast produced by iHeartRadio and HowStuffWorks, Clark explores the possibility of—you guessed it—the end of the world. But don’t worry: he’ll also explore the technological advancements that have the potential to save us, including high-energy physics, risky biotech experiments, and nanotechnology.

Join Clark as he explores the Fermi paradox, artificial intelligence, digital consciousness and something called the Great Filter—intrigued yet? Us too! Clark will be joined by a number of experts across the podcast’s ten episodes, from astrobiologists to philosophers to economists and transhumanists. The first three episodes of the podcast air on November 7, with subsequent episodes airing weekly each Wednesday and Friday. Clark’s immense curiosity is contagious, as fans may remember from his time co-hosting over 1,100 episodes of Stuff You Should Know. We know you’ll be hooked after just one episode, so tune in and get in the know.

Check out the trailer below and set a reminder for the premiere on November 7!

End of the World​​​​​​​​​​​​​​