iHeartRadio and The CW Are Teaming Up to Bring Charmed to Alexa

Ever wonder what magical power you’d possess if you were a witch? We’ve teamed up with The CW to help you uncover it, just in time for The CW’s update of the beloved series Charmed.

Now, with any Amazon Alexa-enabled device, you can find out just by saying “Hey Alexa, Open Charmed.” We’ve conjured up a series of questions to help you discover your witchy ways, which character on the show you’re most like and how to tap into your magical power by listening to iHeartRadio stations curated just for you.

Are you telekinetic and inspired by movement? Unlock your powers with Club Jam EDM Radio. Do you have the power to freeze time? Put a hold on the present and revisit the past with iHeart90s. Have several bewitching wonders of the Charmed world? We’ve brewed up Charmed Radio on iHeartRadio just for you. It’s witching hour and the supernatural world awaits. Just say “Alexa, Open Charmed” and don’t forget to tune in to the new series of The CW’s Charmed, premiering Sunday, October 14th, 9/8pm central.

Charmed Radio​​​​​​​​​​​​​​