iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart Mondays: Discover Your Next Binge-Worthy Podcast

Welcome to this week’s iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart! We’re back with a quick look at the top iHeartRadio podcasts that you—our fans—are listening to this week.

The popular and always hilarious “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” remains at the top of the charts this week- sitting at No.1! On the most recent episode of the show, Burgundy was joined by Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw for a quick chat about baseball. Sitting just below at No.2 is “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Most recently, Rogan interviewed a variety of impressive individuals, including actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd and philosopher Nick Bostrom.

And “Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing” is No.3 on the charts this week. This podcast is hosted by iHeartMedia’s Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman as he analyzes the math and magic behind the best marketers in the business and how they got so good at disrupting again and again. Check out the most recent episode of the show, “Jeremy Zimmer: ‘I grew up loving stories.’” And, last but not least, “NBC’s Songland Podcast” took the No.4 slot on this week’s charts.

From comedy to music to true crime, iHeartRadio’s Top 100 Podcast Chart is the new go-to to discover new podcasts or find your next binge-worthy obsessions! Check in next week to see which podcast is holding up on the charts!