Top 100 podcasts this week

iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart Mondays: Discover Your Next Binge-Worthy Podcast!

Welcome to this week’s iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart! We’re back with a quick look at the top iHeartRadio podcasts that you—our fans—are listening to this week.

At number one on the chart this week is “Missing in Alaska.” Hosted by journalist Jon Walczak, this podcast explores the unsolved disappearance of congressmen Thomas Hale Boggs, Sr. and Nick Begich. In 1972, the pair boarded a plane traveling from Anchorage to Juneau—and were never seen again. Investigators initially assumed the plane crashed after flying into violent weather, so they searched for wreckage but never found any. In the show’s newest episode, titled “The Red Dot Photos,” Walczak connects the story to the mafia using two photos. Start listening to this enthralling new show today on iHeartRadio!

At number two on the chart, we have “Stuff You Should Know.” Hosted by Josh Clark and Charles “Chuck” Bryant, this podcast dives into everyday things we might not think about or don’t actually know a lot about!  This week, they answered questions like “Why are some words funnier than others?” and “How does soil work?” In an episode titled “SYSK Selects: All We Know About Guessing,” the show also recently did a deep dive into guessing. Turns out it’s a pretty weird thing: For millennia, it could have meant the difference between life and death. Today it’s not as vital, but we still do it every day—whether behind the wheel of a car, or judging what another person might be feeling. In this classic episode, learn everything we know about the brain and how it manages this odd, very human act. Check out all of these new episodes and more on iHeartRadio today!

And at number three is BuzzFeed and iHeartMedia’s original podcast, “News O’Clock.” We’re living through a crazy time in history—and that’s putting it lightly. And to keep up with all of this insanity, we need the news. In this show, you’ll get the good, the bad, and the “wait, what???” of what’s been happening online and in real life each day. This podcast is hosted by Hayes Brown, a former editor and writer for the BuzzFeed News World Desk, and Casey Rackham, a TV and Film Senior Editor for BuzzFeed. Each episode is a 20-minute daily news digest that breaks down headlines on politics, culture and entertainment. In the most recent episode, titled “Huge Companies Are Boycotting Facebook,” Brown and Rackham talk about why hundreds of companies are suddenly pulling their ads from Facebook, the FBI’s arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and much more. Check out this episode and more on iHeartRadio!  

And last but not least, we have “Stuff You Missed in History Class.” Hosted by Holly Frey and Tracy V. Wilson, this podcast does just what its title implies: It delivers the learnings that, while growing up, you might have missed or weren’t taught in your history classes. This week, the podcast delivered some learnings on African American history in an episode called, “SYMHC Classics: Robert Smalls — From Contraband to Congress.” In this two-part episode, learn about Robert Smalls, a former slave who fought in the Civil War and later became a politician. Smalls founded the Republican Party of South Carolina and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives during the Reconstruction Era. Head over to iHeartRadio today to learn more about this man’s amazing life!

From comedy to music to true crime, iHeartRadio’s Top 100 Podcast Chart is the new go-to for discovering new podcasts or finding your next binge-worthy obsessions! Check in next week to see which podcast is holding up on the charts!