iHeartRadio On the Verge: #NewMusicTuesday with Kent Jones

Hola! Konnichiwa! If you haven’t yet been introduced to Kent Jones it’s time you become acquainted. Bonjour! Sak pase! That’s his spirited, fast spreading single “Don’t Mind” pulsing through your speakers. It might be the first you’re hearing of the talented young musician and producer, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Kent has recently been rocking it with music gurus like DJ Khaled, but his musical knack began much earlier in life when he first experimented with rhythm on the pots and pans he found in his mother’s kitchen cabinets. Since then he’s transitioned from banging around on cookware to developing impressive vocals and jazz skills recognized by the great Wynton Marsalis. After realizing music as his passion, the young South Florida native turned to producing, working with industry veterans such as Cool 7 Dre. Lucky for us, Kent has decided to make his own tracks, beginning with “Don’t Mind.”

The lighthearted jam, with its strong, timely message of equality and inclusivity, has bumped its way up the charts and into our hearts. In this presentation of musical talents, Kent celebrates languages and cultures with an energetic rhythm, catchy tune, and an impressively quick tongue.


So be sure to stay tuned — “Don’t Mind” is certainly not the last you’ll be hearing from Kent Jones.