#NewMusicTuesday: Jack and Jack

What happens when you combine two friends, the name Jack, a bit (okay, a lot) of musical talent, and various social media platforms? You get the rise of dynamic duo Jack and Jack, the pop-rap pair from Omaha, Nebraska, whose humorous and musically clever performances on Vine and YouTube have generated quite a faithful fanbase. Only 19 and 20, the two Jacks already have a collection of singles, as well as series of music videos.

Once again, iHeartRadio brings you a behind-the-scenes look with a playful, exclusive interview during which their personalities take center stage. The two talented teenagers joke around and read out loud some fanfiction written about them, with Jack GIlinsky appearing in “The Bad Boy,” and Jack Johnson playing the lead role in “The Popular Kid.”  

Watch the comical video and be sure to tune in to Jack and Jack Radio for more musical fun and entertainment!

Jack and Jack Reading Fanfic Pt 2: "The Bad Boy" & "The Popular Kid"   

Banner and thumbnail image courtesy of Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images