#NewMusicTuesday: David Cook, “Gimme Heartbreak”

In the words of Randy Jackson: “check it out dawg!” Former American Idol star David Cook just released a new single, “Gimme Heartbreak,” and you're gonna love it. With his new hit, the post-grunge rocker taps into a new genre - pop - to kick off his upcoming album.

The single reflects Cook’s desire to take a risk, challenge himself, and produce unique music for his devoted fans. He wanted the song to feel dark, gritty and sexy and looked to two of our favorite new artists Halsey and Aurora for inspiration.

Hard to believe that it’s been almost ten years since David Cook won Season 7 of American Idol, but testing his luck on the popular show was never actually on Cook’s radar. He auditioned on a whim after his younger brother, who didn’t make it to Hollywood, convinced him to sing. Safe to say taking that risk paid off for Cook, and the sound of fans cheering for “Gimme Heartbreak” at his July concert in Asbury Park, NJ suggests that evolving as a pop artist might too.

Though he’s accomplished so much since Idol - with Platinum album David Cook, home to popular graduation song “The Time of My Life,” and later albums This Loud Morning and Digital Vein, he thanks the show for the opportunity to jumpstart his career and for the incredibly loyal fans it gave him. Feeling nostalgic about Idol now? Take a listen to David Cook Radio, especially "Gimme Heartbreak," right here on iHeartRadio!