iHeartRadio’s New Business Podcast, “Bizography with Dana Barrett” Dives Into the History Behind Today’s Most Iconic Businesses

Today’s most iconic companies and brands all have a history worth knowing. Some are perplexing, others are astonishing and a couple are even shocking. Take the popular beer brand PBR: how did it become one of America’s most classic beers after a 20-year slump in sales? Or how did Tinder make dating something as easy as swiping right while waiting in the grocery store check-out line? Or how did Sears change the game for department stores across America? iHeartRadio’s newest business podcast, “Bizography with Dana Barrett” has the stories worth knowing behind these massive brands and companies.

Bizography with Dana Barrett” is, of course, hosted by Dana Barrett, a former tech executive and award-winning TV & Radio host who has interviewed thousands of business leaders over the course of her career. Barrett is actually an iHeart Talk Radio host for the 640 WGST station, but she started “Bizography with Dana Barrett” because she was fascinated by the secret sauce that makes businesses great and the pivotal moments that made them so popular in American culture. Barrett’s co-host is Nick Bean, a fellow radio producer and millennial who adds an interesting, modern perspective on today’s biggest businesses and brands.

Whether they’re a current shining star or in the midst of a massive dumpster fire, iconic companies all have a past worth knowing. Or, at the very least, these stories reveal how truly weird American consumers are. “Bizography with Dana Barrett” launches today on iHeartRadio, so start streaming!

Bizography with Dana Barrett​​​​​​​​​​​​​