Enrique Santos is Uncensored in His New Podcast, “Enrique Santos En Overtime”

Can’t get enough of Enrique Santos? Then subscribe to the bilingual radio personality’s brand new Spanish-language podcast, “Enrique Santos En Overtime!” You’ll hear some other familiar voices too—his radio show cast mates Gina, Julio, Harold, DJ Xtreme and Chusma Lady join him to discuss anything and everything. Nothing is off-limits—listen in to the crew discuss their private lives and share stories too wild for the radio. With the censors off, hilarity ensues!

For his very first show, Enrique welcomed Latin Pop singer Nacho to ask him what he really thinks about his fellow nominees for the 2018 Latin Billboard Awards. Nacho confesses that he hates being nominated for the same category as Romeo Santos, because he always loses to him! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you this year, Nacho.

Grammy Award nominee Elvis Crespo was on the show as well, and took the opportunity to vent about his neighbors’ dog’s smelly habit. Seventies TV icon Charo “The Cuchi-Cuchi’” rounded out the guests for Enrique’s first show, and cleared up a scandalous rumor about how she got her role on The Love Boat.

Each episode of “Enrique Santos En Overtime” is 15 to 20 minutes, with a new one uploaded every day by noon. Catch up now on iHeartRadio and subscribe to the podcast get your daily dose of laughs!

Enrique Santos En Overtime​​​​​​