The “Invention” Podcast Explores the Greatest Breakthroughs in History, and How They Shaped Us

Ever wonder how an X-ray machine really works, or how the agricultural tools that help bring fresh veggies to your table were invented? Invention, a new podcast hosted by Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick aims to answer those questions, and get to the bottom of how some of history’s biggest inventions came to be, and transformed into the technology we rely on today.

Invention tackles the not only the big breakthroughs and the sweeping changes they unleashed, but also the often-overlooked marvels of innovation’s history and its many surprising cascading effects. The podcast is educational but plenty of fun as well, as hosts Lamb and McCormick bring a great deal of enthusiasm to the show, drawing from their background as writers and historians.

A journalist by trade, Lamb wrote for local newspapers before becoming a full-time science writer and podcaster. He served as senior writer and host at HowStuffWorks, co-creating the science podcast Stuff to Blow Your Mind. McCormick worked on Stuff to Blow Your Mind as well, working as a writer and host and exploring bizarre fascinations from techno-religions and prehistoric sea monsters to the origins of consciousness.

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