Get Ready for the Holiday Season with iHeartRadio’s New Original Podcast, “SantaCast”!

The holiday season is upon us! With less than a week until Christmas, people across the world are preparing presents and traveling home to be with their loved ones. For most, this is the most wonderful time of the year. But for Santa Claus, it’s one of the toughest.

The jolly old man’s job is only getting more and more difficult! Not only are their more children in the world than ever before, but the kinds of gifts that these kids want is changing, too. As a result, Santa is feeling more and more out of the loop. He can’t keep up with the times, and he feels like he’s always missing the newest trends. But one day, while hanging out at the North Pole with his fellow helper elves, Santa notices that his belief-o-meter is dropping! And so, in an effort to connect with the children of 2019, Santa and his two favorite elves—Evergreen and Snowball—decide to launch a podcast called “SantaCast.

In this original podcast from iHeartRadio, Santa tries to boost his popularity and connect with today’s youth by calling kids—these are real children, not actors—from around the world to learn more about what they want out of this holiday season and why. The results? Absolute hilarity.

Each episode of the show is about 3 to 5 minutes along and will publish everyday through Christmas. Get into the holiday spirit and check out iHeartRadio’s new podcast,“SantaCast,” today!