#NewMusicTuesday: Drew Baldridge

Born in Patoka, Illinois, this contemporary Country singer has been making music since day one. From singing in church alongside his father to taking piano and guitar lessons, Drew Baldridge grew up with music - and this burgeoning star is using those roots to make waves in the industry.

His first slew of singles came out in late 2013 and early 2014, after Baldridge signed with THiS Music. Since then he has been busy recording and releasing new hits, including “Dance with Ya,” which was released as its own single in May 2015. His first full-length album since signing with Cold River Records, Dirt on Us, is a self-portrait that hopes to look at all aspects of the artist Drew is today.

The latest single off of Dirt on Us is what brings us here today. “Rebound” is a slower tune featuring the incredibly talented artist Emily Weisband, and reminds us of the pain and dread of being someone’s rebound. Drew stopped by iHeartRadio HQ to give us an exclusive live, stripped down performance of the hit single. Be sure to check it out!

Drew Baldridge - "Rebound" (Acoustic) | iHeartRadio Live