#NewMusicTuesday: Russ, “Losin Control”

New Music Tuesday is back, and this time, we’ve got a deep cut from up-and-coming rapper, Russ. Born in New Jersey, Russ began making beats at the age of 14, before writing full-fledged songs throughout his teenage years.

More recently, Russ’ star has been rapidly on the rise — part of the rap group DIEMON Crew, Russ’ SoundCloud page has received over 40 million listeners since 2014. One of the fastest growing artists of 2016, Russ made his Columbia Records debut with the single, “What They Want.”

Russ’ featured track, “Losin Control” is a smooth, introspective hip hop jam that’s sure to soothe on a cold, February day. His style is an original blend of the rap-croon of Drake, and the dark, ambient style of The Weeknd.

Don’t forget that, as always, you can listen to all of your favorite Russ tracks on demand, right here, on iHeartRadio! Be sure to check out "Losin Control below!" 

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