“Rebutting a Murderer” Podcast Takes a Fresh Look at the Old Steven Avery Case

True crime storytelling just got a little more interesting with WISN’s “Rebutting a Murderer” on iHeartRadio!

The trials and tribulations of accused murderer Steven Avery and the subsequent Netflix documentary series of his life, entitled “Making a Murderer,” have caused what can only be described as a viral phenomenon. Impassioned fans are declaring the decades-old case a travesty and a true testament to the many failures of our judicial system. But many also realized that the documentary, in which filmmakers embedded themselves with Steven and his family, perhaps painted a rather one-sided picture of the trial and eventual conviction of Mr. Avery.

Enter Dan O’Donnell, a non-practicing lawyer and veteran radio journalist at WISN, iHeartMedia’s News/Talk station in Wisconsin, who has a unique perspective on the case. Dan was assigned to cover Avery from his release in 2003 through his (and his nephew's) conviction in 2007. While he doesn’t make much of an appearance in the documentary, “Making a Murderer” has had a profound impact on Dan — particularly, due to its bias. And so, Dan is doing what any lawyer would do in the courtroom — rebut the case presented in the Netflix documentary — and it can all be heard on iHeartRadio. Mirroring the show as a 10-part series, WISN has produced a podcast entitled “Rebutting a Murderer” which combines the best parts of “Serial” with the buzz of “Making a Murderer” and the unique perspective of  the law-school educated journalist who was there covering it all, bringing to light pieces of evidence the filmmakers left out or glazed over.

So true crime fans, what are you waiting for? Head to iHeartRadio.com to binge-listen to all 10 episodes of “Rebutting a Murderer” today!