Podcast of the Month: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

There once was a girl who changed history—and Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls wants every girl to know she can too! Adapted from the global best-selling book series written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, each episode of this weekly podcast features a real-life rebel girl who broke barriers to achieve her dreams. The series celebrates notable women from members of the American space program to the Syrian swim team, giving every little (and not so little) girl a hero to admire.

These beautifully told stories are narrated by equally inspirational women, from African-American civil rights activist Terana Burke to motivational speaker and long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad, each woman using their sound experience to bring the adventure right into your ear.

Above all, the podcast stays true to Favilli and Cavallo’s mission to empower young girls, so play this podcast at bedtime, and send the little rebels in your life off to sleep knowing no dream is too big for them to achieve.

Episode Highlight: “Wangari Maathai read by Melinda Gates”

This episode outlines the life of one of the most inspiring activists and environmentalists of our time. Her dream to plant a million trees led Wangari Maathai to found the Green Belt movement in Africa, for which she received a Nobel Peace Prize. Talk about dreaming big!​

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls​​​​​​​​​​​​​​