Seeker And iHeartRadio Are Partnering Up For a New And Original Science-Focused Podcast, “Surprisingly Brilliant”!

Do you love learning about science? Do you hope to one day be a scientist, or are you on your way to becoming one? If so, we’ve got the perfect, brand new podcast for you: It’s called “Surprisingly Brilliant” and it takes a closer look at all of the scientific breakthroughs that have changed the way we live and understand the world around us. This show is the inaugural collaborative podcast between Seeker, the number one science brand on mobile, and iHeartRadio and it premieres today on iHeartRadio!

Hosted by Greg Foot and Maren Hunsberger, “Surprisingly Brilliant” will highlight some of the challenges, unconventional scientific methods and wild experiments that changed the face of science forever. Listeners will hear some of the most bizarre science journeys and stories that led to some of today’s most important scientific innovations, like X-rays and vaccines.

The show’s first season will feature 14, 45-minute episodes and each will examine a different subject. In one, hear the story of an American doctor-in-training who tried to prove that yellow fever wasn’t contagious by subjecting himself to his own experiments. And in others, learn about the creation of a wall made of electricity or the development of one of the world’s first computers.

Excited to geek out with us? Head over to iHeartRadio today to hear the first episode of “Surprisingly Brilliant.”

Surprisingly Brilliant​​​​​​​