Station of the Week: Beach Body Edition

We’re officially in the dog days of summer, when heat and humidity reign supreme and some days you can’t even step outside without breaking into a sticky sweat. While the hot temperatures may be a total drag if you’re stuck in a big city or have a car without air conditioning, there’s one place where warm weather is actually a blessing: the beach.

Of course, a little oceanside time is on many of our “to-do” lists for the summer, but it’s not all frosty beverages and cute lifeguards: we also have to deal with — gulp — wearing a bathing suit in public. In the weeks leading up to beach day, we frantically Google “how to get a bikini body” and “best ab exercises” and “get bigger biceps fast.” Then it’s time to hit the gym.

Thankfully, instead of having to listen to the meatheads grunt and groan while they squat, or the reality show on your gym’s TVs, you can choose from the stations we here at iHeartRadio have put together that are Perfect For Working Out. Whether you’re motivated by upbeat hip-hop, hardcore rock, or fast-paced EDM, or just want your kickboxing sesh to feel like a night at the club, we’ve got a station for you.

Check out our full list of Perfect For Working Out stations to find the soundtrack for your journey to look and feel your very best!